Today, Bilkent Saygun Center (BSC) is located in the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts (FMPA), that is, in the P Building within the Bilkent University Campus. BSC is completely intertwined with and benefits from the spatial, academic, pedagogical, and administrative capacities of the FMPA. From the foundation period to today, the Dean of the Faculty has also been the head of the Research Center and directly connected to the Bilkent University Rectorate regarding institutional structure. Currently, besides the care of and research on Saygun's heritage, BSC is intensively engaged with scientific-pedagogical projects and performance activities regarding modern music based in Turkey as well as internationally. With great honor, BSC has recently added the "İlhan Usmanbaş Archive" to its collection, through the donation of the composer himself, who was born in 1923. Currently, the acquisition of the "İlhan Baran Archive" is being negotiated with the inheritors of the composer who passed away recently (1934-2016). Both Usmanbaş and Baran were Saygun's students in the Ankara State Conservatory.

Bilkent University Middle Campus
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